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As a leading European parcel logistics provider, the Indigo Courier Logistics is fully aware of its special responsibility to the environment and to society.

Indigo Courier Logistics understands sustainability as a holistic concept – including ecological as well as social and economic aspects

This means providing excellence in parcel logistics for customers and job-security for employees, both going hand in hand. With its service Indigo Courier Logistics also contributes to mobility and the reliable supply of goods, which are the backbone of an economy.

The company’s objective is to achieve sustainable economic success in accordance with the protection of the environment for present and future generations. Indigo Courier Logistics also considers itself committed to the society in and for which it operates.

With the Company’s materiality analysis Indigo Courier Logistics wants to make sure that the most important topics of its internal and external stakeholders are prioritized. The findings form the basis for the sustainability report and the corporate responsibility strategy.

At Indigo Courier Logistics, we use our industry experience and technology to manage a network of the very best international delivery providers in every world market.